Our story is simple, it’s that of helping those who need it
Four years ago, Andrews grandmother Claire Perrault stayed at a care community after a procedure.

During her time there Claire had a bout with diarrhea that was not recorded by care staff. Claire ultimately was hospitalized due to dehydration because her bowel movements were flushed away. In accordance with community policy - if we don't see it we can’t treat it. 

As is common in these cases, Claire caught a post hospital infection that led to pneumonia, stroke, and shortly after passed away. 

If the status of her Bowel and Bladder was properly charted the dehydration and hospitalization could have been prevented.

One flush made all the difference.

Meet the Founders
Past experience

Meet the Founders

Over 35 years of collective experience, working with the best there are thought us how to successfully run product.

Andrew Guillemette
President & Founder

6+ years Startup Experience
BS Mechanical Engineering
Founded Optical Operations
Founder at InMotion Care

  • Product development manager

Graduated YC Startup School
BS in Mechanical Engineering

Dr Matthew Schramm
Co-founder & Senior data scientist

4+ years Startup Experience
PhD In Ag & Bio Systems Engineering
+ Applied Mathematics

  • Minor in Physics
  • Dual Degree in ME and Math

6+ years Computational Physics & Data Analytics

Behavioral / Simulation modeling
  • John Deere
  • Haber Technologies
  • InMotion Care
Cody Allen
Co-founder & Senior engineer

4+ years Startup Experience
5+ years Mechanical Engineering
10+ years Fabrication and Manufacturing
Owner of Allen Innovation & Designe

  • CAD Modeling
  • Reverse Engineering

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